Access Programming in Toronto


Microsoft Access: a Business Tool

Microsoft Access can be the perfect tool for small, medium, and large businesses alike. The fact that you can use Access in so many ways, makes it flexible enough to suit almost any purpose.

Access for Small Business

Access is an excellent platform for developing an application that can run a small business. The ability to create macros and to build code modules allows power users and developers to create code libraries of reusable functions, and the ability to add code behind forms and reports allows them to create powerful custom forms and reports.

Access for Department Applications

Access is perfect for developing applications for departments in large corporations. Most departments in large corporations have development budgets to produce well-designed applications. If the skill set to develop the application is not available within, most corporations are willing to outsource to obtain the necessary expertise.

Access as a Front-End for SQL Server

SQL Server can’t display data to the user, so this is where Access comes to the rescue. Acting as a front end, Access can display the data retrieved from SQL Server in reports, datasheets, or forms. If the user updates the data in an Access form, the workstation sends the update to the back-end database. You can accomplish this process by linking to the SQL Server tables so that they appear to the user as Access tables.

Access with Microsoft Excel

Even though Excel is not a database, it is widely used to store data. When simple tables need to evolve into multiple tables of related data, Access is the first choice. Access is a great “data landing pad” for gathering and consolidating data, much of which lives inside Excel workbooks. Once your data is in Access, you can add more tables and join them, create queries, share and update data among users, and create powerful reports and forms.

Making Datacon your Data Connection

Datacon specializes in building database systems that adhere to standard database design principles. If you think that your company might be migrating your Access database to SQL Server or another database system at a later date, then this should be part of the design. The design of the databsase is important, but so is security, so we built a security module called user manager that is incorporated into every Access database. Our goal is to build an intuitive and easy-to-use system that you can use today, but that is scalable, so that it will still be around to serve your needs tomorrow. Why not make us part of your team and make Datacon your data connection?

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