(free graphics tool) is a GREAT graphic’s tool. I tend to think of it as “Photoshop Lite”. If you have a camera and are downloading your pictures to your computer then is for you. If you’ve ever tried to email a downloaded photo to a friend, you’ve most likely found that the photo is too BIG[…]

Adobe Bridge (free software)

It seems like everyone is going to the “cloud” nowadays, and this can be good thing, especially when it comes to Adobe Bridge. Adobe Bridge was originally packaged with Adobe Photoshop, but it is now a stand-alone application.  Adobe allows you to download their “Creative Cloud” application, and once its installed, it will automatically download[…] (free video tutorials)

I’ve been a huge fan of for a long time. I’ve found that their video tutorials are excellent, and for the cost of $35 a month, I could take courses, which were equivalent, if not BETTER, than what you could learn from a $400 to $600 college or university course. Well… I am pleased[…]