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Excel VBA is a great tool for any company.
 With Excel VBA you can:
  • create input forms
  • import data from any source
  • add security to critical data
  • automate pivot tables
  • chart data with a button click
  • create a dashboard
  • backup and archive data

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Microsoft Access

MS Access can provide the database power needed by most small companies.
  • Its relatively inexpensive
  • Its built to be user-friendly
  • development costs are less
  • can upsize to SQL Server
  • flexible when changes needed
  • has built-in forms and reports
  • talks to other Office products

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Other Services

Other services include technical writing, training, and support.
  • analyze workflow
  • create written forms
  • provide checklists
  • design flowcharts
  • write user manuals
  • train employees
  • provide support

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Our Policy

We base our success on your success.

We are fully committed to helping you make your business successful. We aim to make your business more efficient by providing you with tools that are easy to use, and automate your every day tasks. We can provide you with a manual to explain how the application works, plus we can provide on-site group or individual training. We will provide you with support for any application we build once you go 'live'. Last, but not least, we build in security features to protect your valuable data and safeguard your company's confidential information. This is what you can expect from "Datacon Data Services"... friendly ... confidential ... and reliable service.

  • Ease of Use
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Support


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